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Fireworks Permit Application

  1. Has the operator or operators had any training in exploding fireworks?*

  2. Will any emergency medical treatment be available at the location of where the fireworks will be displayed?*

  3. Will any fire protection be available at the location of the fireworks display?*

  4. Will you notify your local fire department regarding the date, time, and location of the fireworks display?*

  5. Will any search be conducted after the fireworks display for unexploded fireworks?*

  6. Will people be restricted from the area until the search is completed?*

  7. Will the location where the fireworks display is conducted be wetted down after the fireworks display?*

  8. Will the operator and the permitee be covered by insurance for their fireworks display?*

  9. Iowa Code Section 331.304(9) and Section 727.2, allow fireworks permits but (1) only upon an application made in writing; (2) only to municipalities, fair associations, amusement parks, and other organizations or groups of individuals approved by the County Board of Supervisors; (3) and only when the fireworks display will be handled by a competent operator.

    These two statutes do not allow a County Board of Supervisors to issue a permit to an individual person.

  10. Submit applications by United States Postal Service to:
    Hardin County Board of Supervisors
    1215 Edgington Avenue, Suite 1
    Eldora, IA 50627

    Submit completed application by fax to:
    Fax: 641-939-8223

    Submit completed application by email to:
    Nancy Lauver,

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