Hardin County Community Services

Central Point of Coordination (CPC)

The Central Point of Coordination (CPC) is designated as the "single entry point" for persons with disabilities seeking funding from Hardin County's MH/MR/DD Services Fund. The Community Services Director serves as the CPC Administrator. Hardin County's Mental Health/Developmental Policies seek to provide individualized supports that assure choice, empowerment, and community integration for persons with mental illness, mental retardation, or other developmental disabilities, while effectively managing costs.

The CPC process includes determining eligibility, assisting with referrals to service providers, monitoring services, tracking all service costs, and establishing a quality assurance program.

Persons wishing to apply for county-funded mental health/developmental disabilities services may download the Central Point of Coordination Application form by clicking the link below, complete the information requested and return the completed form to:

Hardin County Community Services
1201 14th Ave
Eldora, IA 50627

Or you may fax the form to the office at 641-939-8247.

Central Point of Coordination Application (443 KB)

Accessing Services and Eligibility

Individuals, or their legal representatives, wishing to request county-funded services must complete a CPC Application Form. The application will be reviewed and a Notice of Decision of Eligibility will be issued. General eligibility criteria include:

  • Be at least 18 years of age (except for outpatient and inpatient mental health services and Casement Managment for children on MR Waiver)

  • Meet legal settlement and residency requirements

  • Meet income and resource guidelines

  • Be an United States citizen or reside in the United States legally

  • Have a current diagnosis of Mental Illness, Chronic Mental Illness, Mental Retardation, or Developmental Disability

Once general eligibility is determined, specific service funding requests will be considered.

MH/DD Advisory Board

Hardin County has an active MH/DD Advisory Board that provides input to the CPC Administrator regarding MH/DD policies, quality assurance, and other related issues. The Advisory Board representatives include MH/DD consumers, familities, professionals, and service providers.



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