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The GIS Department was created in 2006 to serve the GIS needs of Hardin County and its communities. Our goal is to help increase the efficiency and productivity of Hardin County through the implementation of GIS applications and technology. GIS maintains a large database of digital mapping layers covering the entire county. In the Hardin County Geographic Information System, features such as parcels, municipal boundaries, zoning, hydrology, roads, and recreation areas are represented as map features which are linked to a database containing essential information.

GIS is used by several county departments, such as the County Conservation Board, the Auditor's Office, the County Engineer, and the Assessor's Office. We maintain equipment, software and data, and produce hardcopy maps to support the use of GIS by county agencies. Hardin County GIS also manages the sale of mapping products and GIS data for private and public users.

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Available Data & Fees

Hardin County GIS maintains data that is available for purchase and use. The fee schedule is set by the GIS Committee and approved by the Hardin County Board of Supervisors. Please contact the GIS Department for information regarding specific uses and restrictions.

GIS Data & Map Request Fee Schedule

Cadastral data is available, including township, section, subdivision, block, parcel, lot, road centerline, and road right-of-way (ROW) boundaries. Additional layers available include voting precinct boundaries, zoning boundaries, conservation areas, and soil data. All digital data is updated as needed and is available in ESRI shapefile format. All data maintained by Hardin County GIS is projected in NAD83 State Plane Iowa North. The units are feet.

Hardcopy map products are also available for purchase, including road maps, property maps, and special request maps.

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Phone: 641-939-8124
Fax: 641-858-8245

Hardin County IT Department
1215 Edgington Ave
Eldora, Iowa 50627

Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:30pm

IT/GIS Director
Micah Cutler