Hardin County Auditor

The County Auditor is an elected position with a term of four years. The County Auditor serves in an office which is very diversified.


About the Auditor's Office

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Responsibilities include:
  • Commissioners of Elections
    Conduct elections for School Boards, City, County, State, and Federal Elections. Those responsibilities include registering and maintaining voter registration records, supervising precinct election officials, and other duties in the conduct of elections.
  • Tax Information
    Valuations are tabulated for all taxing entities and certified to the state. Tax rates are then computed and applied to individual properties to calculate each taxpayer's statement of property tax due.
  • Drainage Districts
    The Drainage District clerk is located in the Auditor’s office and is responsible for taking minutes at drainage district meetings and maintaining the county's drainage district maps and records. The drainage districts can be found on the map portion of the Real Estate/GIS Website
  • Budget Director and Accounting Department
    The Auditor prepares the County's budget from material submitted by its departments and other agencies and maintains a permanent ledger for each department in the county. Claims for payment are received from various departments and payments issued for claims as approved by the Board of Supervisors. Payroll wages, withholding records and employee benefits for county employees are maintained in the Auditor's Office. Time cards received and wages are computed to generate and distribute payroll warrants.
  • Permits
    Permits for beer, liquor and cigarette sales by the businesses in the unincorporated areas of the county are sold on behalf of the State of Iowa  in the Auditor's Office.

Auditor Contact Information

County Courthouse
1215 Edgington Ave., Suite 1
Eldora, Iowa 50627

Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday

Fax: 641-939-8245

of Elect
Jessica Lara

& Board Secretary
Nancy Lauver

& Benefits
Kelly Collins

Clerk/Drainage & Plats
Tina Schlemme

Mindy McLeland